Stainless Steel Rolling Surface Processing
Stainless Steel Rolling Surface Processing

There are three basic types of surface rolling for sheet and strip, which are represented by sheet and strip production processes.
No.1: after hot rolling, annealing, pickling and descaling. The surface of the treated steel sheet is a dull surface and a bit rough.
No.2D: the surface is better than N0.1, and it is also a bleak surface. After cold rolling, annealing, descaling, and finally rolling with the wool surface roller.

No.2B: This is the most commonly used in building applications. Except for the last slight cold rolling with a polishing roll after annealing and descaling, the other processes are the same as 2D. The surface is slightly luminous and can be polished.

No.2B Bright Annealing: This is a reflective surface that is rolled by a polishing roller and annealed in a controlled atmosphere. Bright annealing still keeps its reflective surface and does not produce oxide scales. Since there is no oxidation reaction during bright annealing, no pickling or passivation treatment is required.