Stainless Steel Polishing
Stainless Steel Polishing

Note: We should remember that the abrasive paper or belt used in the grinding operation is basically a polishing and cutting operation, leaving very fine lines on the surface of the steel plate.
We have encountered trouble when using alumina as abrasive, partly due to pressure. Any abrasive parts of the equipment, such as abrasive belts and wheels, must not be used for other non-stainless steel materials before use. Because this will pollute the surface of stainless steel.
This is a metal removal process in which stainless steel is used as an anode in the electrolyte and the metal is removed from the surface after being electrified. The process is usually used for parts processing because their shape is difficult to be polished by traditional methods. The process is often used on the surface of cold-rolled steel sheet because its surface is smoother than that of hot-rolled steel sheet. However, electropolishing will make the surface impurities more obvious, especially the titanium and niobium stabilized materials due to granular impurities will cause differences in the weld zone.

Will cause differences in the weld zone.

Small welding scar and sharp edge can be removed by this process. The process focuses on the surface protrusions, giving priority to dissolving them. Electropolishing process is to immerse stainless steel in heated liquid, liquid ratio involves many proprietary and patented technology. The electrolytic polishing effect of austenitic stainless steel is very good.